ProgActNet represents a serious platform for progressive activism.  The primary mission of ProgActNet is to promote the progressive message through art.

Since we began in June 2017, we’ve been helping out and promoting truly grassroots movements, campaigns, and political candidates. The work of ProgActNet aims to fill the needs of candidates and campaigns that can’t afford professional services.

ProgActNet’s hope is to be funded by small donors pledging $1 to $15 per month on on Patreon. This funding source would enable us to publish premium content important to us without the need to fish for paying gigs. Most of all, money will buy us more time to create and to expand what we can provide. In addition to the digital art we’ve been making all along, we want to create buttons, stickers and canvassing materials for campaigns and progressive causes.

About the Team


artist // creative director

james stirling creates iconic graphics, web design, logos, and videos.


artist // public relations director

all around creator janet ‘lumpy louise’ makes a lasting impression with a sharp wit and an adorably irreverent sense of humor.


coder // social media manager

 garrett shorr creates amazing programs, and helps amplify leftist movements through social media.


social media director // coder // admin

 woobie tuesday is our social media director, coder, and admin director.